Final Exams: The beast must be conquered

Finals. Yes, they are upon us. And if you’re a fellow student who feels anything like I do right now, you might be wondering whether listening to Disney princess music while you study will magically teleport you to a kingdom far, far away. But take heed, my friends, for break is almost here!

My countdown:

Three days of classes, 3 final exams, 3 papers and one final project remain.


My superb vantage-point from a library window.

By Thursday I will have one exam, one paper and the project checked off the list. The project and paper are actually finished, but they’re burning a hole through my binder and they need to be removed, graded and never seen again.

Speaking of burning, is anyone up for a bonfire when the semester is finished? I’m looking at the piles of papers lying around my computer and I really can’t think of anything better right now than to watch them go up in flames.

Phew. I can do this.

Honestly, this has been the longest, most grueling semester I can remember. But I did learn a few things. Like how Frank Sinatra, tea, and chocolate will never fail me in times of need. Seriously, have you heard Come Fly with Me? How can you not want to jump in a plane with Frank Sinatra and fly away to a faraway land while in the midst of writing a 6-page paper in Spanish about poetry?

But in all seriousness, I really did learn. Throughout the semester, I learned to push myself, even when classes were tough. Because when you come out on the other side, you have a better understanding of your own mental capabilities (…mental stability?). There were days when I didn’t want to do homework and I stared down my laptop like it was a hungry monster ready to eat my brains out.

But the end of the semester has arrived and my brain is still intact, and I’ll move forward with two comforting thoughts: Never underestimate your ability to try hard, because you just might surprise yourself. And break is almost here. Thank you Frank Sinatra.



Gotta love the fortune I got in my fortune cookie today. Exemplary spelling skills…

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