IMG_3771 (2)Hey y’all! My name’s Annise, and I’m a blogging-student-equestrienne who loves to travel and has a passion for horse racing.

You’ll find that I like to write about an eclectic mix of topics, although my favorite subjects are undoubtedly horses, horse racing and travel.

I find joy in making people laugh or smile, and I love to inspire others when I have the opportunity. That’s my primary goal with this blog. An ‘Anecdote’ is an interesting or amusing story or account of an event, and that’s what I do my best to deliver.

The idea for Annise’s Anecdotes came about in 2014 when I worked as a journalism intern at Canterbury Park. One of my press box mentors suggested that I write “anecdotes” about the races for the Canterbury Live blog. When I decided to create my own blog, the name stuck.

Working as the Director of Communications for the North Dakota Horse Park during the 2014 race meet and interning at Canterbury helped me develop my writing skills and learn more about racing. But I didn’t get into blogging until I moved down to Texas for the spring 2015 semester. For 5 months I worked as the online communications and publications intern for the American Quarter Horse Association. In addition to contributing to AQHA publications and working on AQHYA social media, I learned about blogging through managing the America’s Horse Daily blog and contributing “AQHA Intern Experience” stories.

A little bit about me: I love horses. I received my first pony, a Pony of the Americas named Ginger, as a Christmas gift from my parents when I was 8 years old. Ginger is a permanent fixture in our herd, which also includes my off-track Thoroughbred gelding Larry (who’s actually a movie star), my Quarter Horse mare Misty, and my mom’s Quarter Horse Goldie. When I’m not traveling, blogging or riding my horses, I’m probably swing dancing, hiking or reading a book.

I was very fortunate to grow up near the North Dakota Horse Park, a small racetrack in Fargo. The track helped me get my foot in the door of the racing industry and work my way up. My most recent racing industry job was working as a staff writer for The Saratoga Special during the 2015 Saratoga race meet. I pretty much ate, slept and breathed horse racing for the entire summer. When I wasn’t watching morning workouts or covering races, I was writing about racing or pouring over the latest horse racing industry news. My career goal is to attain an awesome and fulfilling job in the horse racing industry so I don’t have to work a single day in my life.

A junior at North Dakota State University, double majoring in management communication and international studies with a minor in Spanish, I compete on my school’s IHSA hunt seat equestrian team and am active in the NDSU Horsemen’s Association.

In June I returned from a 4-month study abroad experience in Viña del Mar, Chile during the spring 2016 semester. I had a blast immersing myself in the culture by living with a host family and of course, checking out the horse racing. I was home for a little over two weeks before driving cross-country to Saratoga Springs, New York where I spent my second summer working for The Saratoga Special, which was just as incredible as last summer.

Now I’m home again starting my final year of college. It feels like time has hardly passed since I walked into my very first class on the NDSU campus. But just like that I’m a senior, looking for the next path I’ll take after graduation.

Feel free to leave friendly comments on my blog posts or send me a message if you have an idea for an article. And be sure to check out Annise’s Anecdotes on Facebook, follow @AnniseAnecdotes on Twitter, and Annises_Anecdotes on Instagram.

And remember, where Annise goes, the anecdotes follow!

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