Meeting the great Rachel Alexandra at Stonestreet Farms

Hey y’all! My name is Annise Montplaisir, but a lot of people call me Fargo. Originally from the area around Fargo, North Dakota, I moved to the Bluegrass region of Kentucky after graduating from North Dakota State University in 2017 to pursue a career in the Thoroughbred industry.

I enjoy writing about an eclectic mix of topics, so you’ll find that this blog offers a wide variety of commentary on various matters. These range from horse racing and travel to unique thoughts and perspectives.

One of my greatest joys in life is making people laugh or smile. An anecdote is an interesting or amusing story or account of an event. I hope you’ll enjoy my little anecdotes and find them uplifting or inspiring in some way, shape or form. If anything, I suppose they generate a bit of food for thought.

The idea for Annise’s Anecdotes came about in 2014 when I worked as a journalism intern at Canterbury Park. One of my press box mentors suggested I write a column called “Annise’s Anecdotes” about the races for the Canterbury Live blog. When I decided to create my own blog, the name stuck.

My mom and I with Ginger – Christmas Day, 2003

While I didn’t grow up in a horse family, I was blessed to have a mother who wanted a pony as badly as I did, and a tolerant father who was willing to give horses a try. My first pony, Ginger, was standing outside our front window on Christmas Day when I was 8 years old, a big red bow around her neck. Horses are like potato chips and you can’t have only one, so we’ve since collected my mom’s Quarter Horse mare Goldie, my Quarter Horse mare Misty and my Thoroughbred gelding Larry (who’s actually a movie star).

In addition to riding my own horses, I try to spend most of my time outside doing my other favorite pastime: hiking. I’ve trekked in Torres del Paine, Patagonia, hiked the Smoky Mountains and Adirondacks, and have many other destinations on my to-do list. Recommendations are welcomed! My other hobbies include traveling, blogging (obviously), swing dancing, reading, scuba diving and eating. One of my favorite conversation topics is breakfast, so just ask me about my love of oatmeal or eggs.

My resume gives a pretty good overview of how I made it from Fargo to Lexington – a question I get all the time. I’m thankful for where I’ve come from and grateful for the opportunities that led me to where I am. Side note – the nickname “Fargo” stuck after working for The Saratoga Special, and has followed me to Kentucky. So if you ever see me around and can’t remember my first name, I’ll answer to it!

Feel free to leave friendly comments on my blog posts or send me a message if you have a story idea. And be sure to follow @annises_anecdotes on Instagram.

And remember, where Annise goes, the anecdotes follow!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Daniel Vergara Sanchez says:

    Hello Annise it’s Daniel you probably don’t remember we meet about 3 years ago in Canterbury Park when I bought you a slice of pizza I think it was cheese or maybe pepperoni , anyways wanted to say that its amazing how you got into Godolphin Flying Start hope you are having the time of your life keep up the amazing work I’ll always be reading your anecdotes


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