I never really knew that I was going to be a writer. It just kind of happened. I think it started back in my 4-H days when I was researching and writing for my county fair projects. Years down the road, I started working at a small racetrack near my home. In 2013 after my job as a pony rider didn’t quite work out the way I had planned (some horses just don’t want to be pony horses), the track’s Director of Media Relations took me under his wing. He taught me the ways of journalism in the racing industry — questions to ask, how to conduct interviews. And that planted a seed.

One of the first published pieces I ever wrote was for AQHA’s America’s Horse Daily blog after competing in the 2013 AQHYA National Racing Experience. You can read it here. Only a few years and several articles later, I like to think I’ve improved a bit! You can take a look at my resume for further details, but in the past three years I’ve worked as the Director of Communications for the North Dakota Horse Park, a journalism intern at Canterbury Park, the online communications and publications intern for the American Quarter Horse Association, and now a staff writer for The Saratoga Special and thisishorseracing.com.

I’m incredibly grateful from the tutelage and mentor-ship I’ve received from several incredible writers throughout each and every one of these positions, and I hope to continue improving as I create my own unique and distinct writing style.

Here I’ve created a brief portfolio for you to view a bit of my work: