New York City in 7 Days

My idea of an epic travel adventure involves a lot of hiking, scenic views and unique cultural experiences. Of all the places on my travel list, New York City was never one of them.

I had this preconceived notion of tall ugly buildings, noise pollution, air pollution, yellow taxis and Broadway Musicals – none of which I cared to experience.

My friend Katie, who I worked with at The Saratoga Special last summer, decided to up and move to New York City in the fall (a very brave and commendable move, I might say). “Can I come visit?” I asked jokingly one day over text. “Of course!” was her reply.

Of course I wasn’t serious. At first.

For those of you who know me well, you’ve probably heard about my love for Frank Sinatra music more than once. Good ole’ Sinatra sang me tunes of love and encouragement throughout a very grueling fall semester. He also sang an easily recognizable song about New York City.

Maybe it was the insane amount of homework, or the stir-craziness from being cooped up inside during the winter, or Frank Sinatra himself that went to my head a little bit. But the cogs starting turning in my brain, and I found myself buying plane tickets for two trips in succession: first to Lexington, then to New York City. Continue reading

2016: New Year, New Adventures

My brother and I had a conversation yesterday about New Year’s resolutions. We were wondering why people wait until the new year to make changes in their lives that are good for their health and wellness.

At the turn of every year, people somehow think they’re getting a new start. I’ve never thought this to be true, because you’re not actually starting over. You’re adding another chapter to the book you’ve already begun.

New Year’s resolutions are akin to my book analogy.

I love reading, and when I get started on a good book I can hardly put it down. Especially not in the middle of a chapter. We become so wrapped up in our lives that even when we know we have to make changes or add something new to our routines, it’s difficult. It’s like disrupting a riveting book in the middle of a chapter. Continue reading