Lovin’ it for all the right reasons

The one and only Fargo Theater

Saratoga came and went, bringing with it a wave of activity and concluding with a treacherous mountain of exhaustion. I followed two weeks in chaotic paradise by transitioning from one internship to another. And now I’m back “Home-Home.”

At this point in my life I have two types of homes: There’s home, and there’s Home-Home. Note the capitalization differences. Capitalized words are important, meaning Home-Home is muy importante.

Lexington is home. I have a lovely rental house in a quiet, family-filled neighborhood, an enjoyable work routine, and plenty of hobbies to keep me busy. At home I have a hard time not planning my days to a T. Wake up, wash my face, make breakfast, read the latest horse racing news, pack my lunch, get ready for the day, work, workout, errands, friends, reading, practicing Spanish, learning to golf, riding when I can, cooking, cleaning. Adulting. Continue reading

2016: New Year, New Adventures

My brother and I had a conversation yesterday about New Year’s resolutions. We were wondering why people wait until the new year to make changes in their lives that are good for their health and wellness.

At the turn of every year, people somehow think they’re getting a new start. I’ve never thought this to be true, because you’re not actually starting over. You’re adding another chapter to the book you’ve already begun.

New Year’s resolutions are akin to my book analogy.

I love reading, and when I get started on a good book I can hardly put it down. Especially not in the middle of a chapter. We become so wrapped up in our lives that even when we know we have to make changes or add something new to our routines, it’s difficult. It’s like disrupting a riveting book in the middle of a chapter. Continue reading