Angles of Saratoga

I’ve barely settled into being home and I’m off again!

Time to head back to one of the greatest places on Earth for lovers of horse racing, as tomorrow I depart for beautiful Saratoga Racecourse. I’m loaded down with three times the amount of clothes and shoes that I brought with to Chile, so I do believe I’m prepared! This years pilgrimage east will take me through Canada, Vermont and the Adirondacks of New York.

Great things lie ahead in the upcoming days of racing, with the impending arrival of champion filly Songbird for the Coaching Club American Oaks, a rematch between the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes winners Exaggerator and Creator in the Jim Dandy, and the return of my favorite Chilean filly Dacita in the Diana.

To kick things off, here’s a wee glimpse down memory lane at the Saratoga season of last year…

#FargotoSaratoga Day 4 ~ Farmington to Saratoga Springs

Approximately 1,510 miles after leaving Fargo, I have arrived in Saratoga Springs!

Prior to leaving Farmington, we gave ourselves a mini tour of Finger Lakes racetrack. Although there was no racing, and I’m not even sure if they had workouts or if it was a dark day because we arrived so late, it was still a lovely little track. It was neatly constructed and beautifully landscaped with careful attention taken to the presentation and the gardening. I would love to visit on a day the track runs races.

From there it was a pretty uneventful drive to Saratoga Springs. My idea of being great car company for my poor mother was reading her random pieces of horse racing news and singing loudly and terribly to Taylor Swift songs. I think I missed my calling and I should have entered the music industry. The difference would be that people would pay me not to sing.

As the landscape transformed into beautiful rolling hills blanketed by trees, my anticipation grew. It seemed as though each town we passed as we inched closer to Saratoga Springs had its own unique charm. My experience with New York State is limited, but this area is certainly a scenic region to visit.

And finally… we made it! The charisma of Saratoga Springs has already far surpassed my expectations. From the little bit I’ve seen so far, the city is the true definition of class. I can’t wait to get started at Saratoga, and I truly believe  that the best is yet to come.