A bed. A window. A new year.

the best thing you can do is find a comfortable spot to look ahead

I’m sitting cross-legged on my bed, facing my window. My laptop is propped up on a maroon-colored antique stool with pink and orange flower embroidery that I inherited from my grandmother.

I was sitting in this exact same position yesterday, staring out the window, lost in thought as I tried to focus on studying my PADI open water diver manual. And I realized something. Strangely enough, and maybe this is just a disjointed correlation that can only be made in my brain alone, but just less than a year ago I was sitting cross legged on a bed, laptop propped up in front of me, sun shining in through a large glass window and sliding door – in another country. Continue reading

2016: New Year, New Adventures

My brother and I had a conversation yesterday about New Year’s resolutions. We were wondering why people wait until the new year to make changes in their lives that are good for their health and wellness.

At the turn of every year, people somehow think they’re getting a new start. I’ve never thought this to be true, because you’re not actually starting over. You’re adding another chapter to the book you’ve already begun.

New Year’s resolutions are akin to my book analogy.

I love reading, and when I get started on a good book I can hardly put it down. Especially not in the middle of a chapter. We become so wrapped up in our lives that even when we know we have to make changes or add something new to our routines, it’s difficult. It’s like disrupting a riveting book in the middle of a chapter. Continue reading